The Hidden Treasures of Atlas Mountains in Morocco

Exploring Morocco is an adventure of a lifetime. The country is so varied and beautiful that every time you visit you will find great many things about it. Although cars and other means of travels are available in Morocco, hiking remains one of the best ways to explore the vast terrains of the geographically magnificent Morocco. Of all the hiking mountains, the Atlas Mountains are one of the most challenging one and hikers are rewarded in so many ways including getting the best views.

The Hidden Treasures  of Atlas Mountains in morocco

Atlas Mountain is so vast that it stretches across two countries Tunisia and Morocco, although most of its parts are in Morocco. Serious hikers are drawn to its beauty and a day or two in those mountains will change your views of the world and take you to a whole different place. Are you thinking of hiking in Atlas Mountains? Surely you cannot miss some of its best places.

Here are some of the treasures you will enjoy while hiking in the Atlas Mountains.

1. Mount Toubkal - The Ever popular destination

The mount Toubkal is one of the popular treks in Atlas Mountains because of its immense height and challenging treks. For hiking lovers, this is the perfect destination; usually you climb the peak in 2 days. This exotic mountain is a sight to see in the winter with the snow around. The Berber tribes are main inhabitant of the place and visiting the villages at the foot of the valley is an added bonus when you go hiking in the mountain.

2. Mountain Villages in Imlil

You think hiking in Morocco is all about mountains and hills? The villages of Imlil in Atlas Mountains are one a kind place where you will find many interesting things to see. There is no dearth of cheap places to stay in Imlil. You can enjoy a good local meal in the restaurants. You will also find a lot of souvenir shops, selling carpets, fossils and jewellery and so many others things all related to the local culture. The spring and the summer is the best time to visit the place when so many other hikers and trekkers are there to climb mount Toubkal.

3. Tizi n'Test Pass

When hiking in Atlas Mountains, you do not want to miss the Tizi n'Test Pass. The pass offers a magnificent view of the region at the height of 2,092m (6,860ft) above sea level. Good news for hikers who love challenge, this pass offers a lengthy series of hairpin bends. Those who love adventure will love this pass.

4. Imilchil Village

Known for its romantic myth and marriage festival, this village is one of the main attractions of the high Atlas Mountains. It is a home to the tribe Aït Haddadou. Although, it is beautiful to visit at any time of the year, most visitors come here during the festive season.

5. Enclosed city of Taroudant

This beautiful enclosed city or say walled city with olive groves, citrus orchards and green fields is one of the popular commercial hubs. This beautiful Kasbah is always alive with visitors from around the world and is a great shopping destination for carpets, leather goods and Berber jewellery.

Hiking in Atlas Mountains of Morocco is one of the best ways to unearth the hidden treasures of the place. Visit some of the exotic places and enjoy the best of Morocco landscapes, mountains, culture, food and lifestyle.